I am Adheesh Jain.

Pursuing my corporate career in PGDM-marketing specialized with digital marketing and have a 

experience of 4 months on SEO and SMM. 

Apart from my corporate knowledge, I have  photography as my hobby which helps me to be

focused and cheerful in life.

It enables me to see the colors and magic of this beautiful world; lovely people all around me. 

To be in the picture and getting the attention does not really suits me. Through keen observation,

I found that I am most comfortable behind the lenses. Since my childhood my only desire was to be successful in life by material prospects unless she- my lady NIKON came to my life.

I clearly admit that I spend most of my time with my camera than the people around me. 

When I say, I am a self-proclaimed nomadic storyteller. This too holds a story-This all started

when I got inspired by my dad's  passion for photography and started following this as a hobby

back in 2015 with my dad’s camera which was Sony Ericsson. I started clicking whatever

I found intriguing. Then I started doing research about different genres in photography.

I began to click pictures of macro, portraits, wildlife and then finally tried my luck with

street photography. Whatever I found good and captivating, I just started exploring that genre.

But amongst these, solo travelling has always fascinated me as it is the only genre where

I can experience meeting new people and can get to know about their stories.

Finally in October 2019, I decided to go with Documentary Photography as my main genre.

Documentary photography as it holds many things as it's part including the story telling being

the most fascinated part. So far I have completed 5-6 projects with short

documentary films and photos and done my 7 solo trips.

Hope to have an enriching experience in the field of photography in the coming years.

©2020 by Adheesh Jain

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