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About Me

Welcome to my world of photography!


I am Adheesh, a self-proclaimed nomadic storyteller, street and documentary photographer/videographer. It all began in 2015 when I discovered my true calling behind the lens. Since then, I have been on an incredible journey, capturing and exploring the world through my unique point of view (PoV). I am passionate about portraying the stories of people and places, and I believe that to capture a good photograph, you must first become a good storyteller.

In pursuit of my passion, I have explored the streets of India, going on solo trips to discover the diversity and beauty of different regions. My love for street and documentary photography has only grown stronger since I shifted to Maharashtra in 2019. I have not received any major accolades yet, but I have won the third prize in the Bappagraphy competition 2022, and I had the opportunity to mentor a Fujifilm photowalk in Pune.

In addition to this, I am on a mission to build a community of street photographers across India. I have already conducted three photowalks in Maharashtra, and the response has been overwhelming. With my community, I am looking to give a new generation of street photographers a space to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience.


People often call me "Jadugar" for the magic I create with my images. If you want to see the world through my lens, please check out my work on my website or Instagram.

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