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It all started in 2015 where I have found my most comfortable space is  behind the cameras. Capturing and Exploring the world with my PoV (Point of View)

I clearly admit that I spend most of my time with my camera than the people around me- Yes, I am person who cancel the group plans. But I am on mission to explore different people of India and to make it possible I have to go for Solo Trips

Well when I say, I am a self-proclaimed nomadic storyteller. This too holds a story-This all started when I got inspired by my dad's  passion for photography and his dark room stories. He always mention to get a good photograph you first have to become a good story teller

But everything has changed in 2019, when I shifted to Maharashtra and I decided to go with Documentary Photography/Videography as my main passion. yes, passion I am still figuring out to leave comfort of corporate and start living my passion.


I have not received any achievement yet but people call me "Jadugar"(Showing magic with my Images)

My Journey

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