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A Journey to Reach Nowhere

By Chetana


I chuckled when I saw how shorter she is looking than she already is. My woman, obviously pulled me in annoyance and I was suddenly standing on the step lower to her. Now, she was a little taller and her face shone of triumph as she could now look me in the eye without straining her neck. I laughed at her childlike innocence and that's when we started to go down these stairs at Mahabaleshwar.

With the daily hustle of our jobs, we somehow parted ourselves from time crunch, haste, and stress to be here, right at this moment. This is my favorite memory, of course, because we didn't know where we were headed as the fog only allowed us to see several steps ahead out of hundreds. So, we had no choice but to not worry and keep going, together. We stopped for local snacks, umbrellas, artifacts, wooden sculptures, authentic paintings, toys and a ton of other souvenirs which were scarce at malls. The exploration wasn't very quick to complete but I didn't care how much delayed we were in our journey, because the little moments we had during was far more wholesome than reaching at the end.

I've thought about this feeling too much because this serenity doesn't occur in cities and cars, just here in woods and terrains. Pretty much like those raw mangoes sprinkled with rock salt, you know, the kind you only get in mountains and nowhere else?

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