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I took a Break

By @Chetana

Thanks to Go Pro Hero 7 and VIBLITZ for my being travel partners


as if everything

was exotherming out of my body

while I usually made eye contact

with clouds.

Pausing the stranger hunt

and taking a break from not only

sulking decisions

but also

the mischiefs of my daily soap.

Be it

humming a song because

it doesn't seem to bid you goodbye,

or going back to places

you once went

because they exhibit the illusion of your

memories and colorful lies,

or pondering upon

Italian architecture and

plummeting to

how you've got a BHK to rent

or your car to drive back

with a fixed up dent.

Neither thinking about

any ex‑lovers and

their lust

nor any enchanted feeling

of my creation from stardust,

but inhaling and witnessing the changing

shades of sky,

without anyone to pry.

My coherence battling with

my rhetorical seekings,

but I remember

my friend asks what you thinking?

and I say "nothing"

chuckled as one's paradoxical mind can be so


But I rose from my cross‑legged enigma,

scanned the panorama until another


beguiling how the sunup fades

into the blankness of moon.

Geographical yet magical.

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