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With Raikas in Rajasthan

BY Adheesh Jain and Arpita Nayak


It's true our mind works on illusion, making a picture of everything and then we operate or observe or feel it.

Whenever we hear about Rajasthan, we get an image. Image of their Raikers, traditional clothes, stories of kings and queens and an endless desert. Right?

Lemme take you to Rajasthan!

You just have to sit, relax and need to make an image of what I will say.

Let's imagine the life of the Raikers community in Rajasthan.

Monsoon is over and Raikers with their camels moving out in search of water and other pastures, in this hot season. They have no other choice than to keep on walking and looking for better shelter, food, and life.

Life is difficult!


Last year, I went to Pushkar and what I found was, we get all the facilities but still, we are looking for water(other facilities) and on the other hand, this camel-herding community of Rajasthan, who faces restrictive grazing laws, social hostility and falling incomes and in spite of all these they all know their responsibilities.

What they want? .



A good school for their children?

A respectful and a good life?

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