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The Power of Water

by Naheed Vakharia


The sound of waves crashing onto a beach, crashing into cobbles, crashing into a wall

brings me utmost peace and calm. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Go on, try remembering

how the breeze feels on your face, how it plays with your hair. How you feel completely at

peace in that moment, with yourself and with what’s around you.

That’s the power of water.

Water, so completely malleable, seemingly harmless, but capable of reshaping the very land

we walk on.

That’s the power of water.

Water just flows, without a care in the world. No matter what stone or rock or mountain

comes in between its path, water doesn’t care! It just goes around it carefree as can be…

That’s the power of water.

Water, a humble combination of hydrogen and oxygen, an elixir to support life as we know it.

That’s the power of water.

Water, teaching me to flow through my experiences in life, to go around challenges and

overcome them. To always be as playful as the waves playing “pakdum pakdi” on the beach,

to never give up on the child within.

That’s the power of water.

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