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Veer Jatra

The Shrinath Veer Mhaskoba Festival is a unique celebration in the village of Veer near Saswad town in Pune district, where millions of devotees gather to show their faith in Mhaskoba Maharaj. They bring idols of the god in decorated bullock carts, accompanied by Tutari bugles and saffron flags, symbolizing Maharashtra's cultural heritage. Devotees chant mantras, throw red Gulal powder in the air, and engage in rural religious activities. The temple grounds are transformed into a sea of red as devotees immerse themselves in devotion. Spiritual leaders perform the Chabina dance with holy swords and make predictions about the climate and harvest for the upcoming year, which is a highlight of the festival. People believe that worshipping Lord Mhaskoba Maharaj fulfills their prayers. While pink Gulal is commonly used in other parts of Maharashtra for similar festivals, the use of red Gulal here likely stems from the deity's association with Hindu Tantra practices, where vermilion or kumkum, both dark red in color, are used in worship. The Veer Yatra pilgrimage celebrates the deity's blessings and the community's spiritual connection

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