By Mansi

Looking into the eyes of the sun ,

Staring at the beauty of sunset and sky,

Nothing’s better than the blue morning’s with a handful of gossip and a cutting chai.

Admiring the picturesque environment

And the visages of people,

I wonder, if it’s the friends season

But i swear a stronger bond despite religion.

Oh Mumbai! The creator of many faces,

Your not just a place, we love to visit but an ardour you hold within yourself is just selfless.

Looking at the phone and watching how beautiful i look with you , is just so tantalizing

Eating with you is not just sharing but fascinating with you.

Staring at you as if ‘ mumbai meri jaan hain’

One feeling, one identity reflecting “ek hi shaan hain’

We think with us

But cherishing along with u.

Contemplating the idea to go beyond you ,

The journey is over my dear friend,

Explore beyond the limits as much as you can

You won’t be after the world but the world will be your fan.


©2020 by Adheesh Jain

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