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Father and child: Bond to infinity

By Abhishikt Singh


A hero keeping his life on the line,

With all done yet is never satisfied;

With love filling up to the broom of the skies,

Such is the passion of a Father for his Child.

This relationship of a Father with a child and vice versa, is quite an exploratory phenomenon. 

A father is always that hand of a child which is held for security. He is that hand at the back that strengthens a child to perform in the practical world. We all are aware of the known truth that when things are totally messed up, it is the father who comes in like an Avenger and puts everything back to normal. 

The sacrifices that a father does for small pleasures of his child are abstruse filled with numerous small bonds of emotions building together a large compound of care and affection.

A father usually holds a resilient exterior where deep down lies an ocean of love that can gulp in as many menacing thunder storms to save a small sailing boat of his child.

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